Life is good
Life is good

In a few short weeks I will be sitting on this bench.  This is where I like to spend time. Starting my day with a coffee and listening to the loons calling to one another on the lake. Each day holds a new challenge. what will it be today? Bucking up more wood, repairing the driveway, or clearing a spot for the new wood shed. The list is endless. Deciding on what is most important is tough sometimes. Some days not much is accomplished, which is ok too. Tomorrow is a new day, and the work will still be there. When the days work is done, a glass of wine and watching the sun set is a highlight. Working hard, living simple, really is a dream come true.


Can’t wait to Start

Hello, my name is Sue and I  am planning to spend 18 months in my very remote cabin in the Shuswap. This is starting in July and I want to start a blog to track my adventures. I thought getting some skills on how to do this would be helpful before I actually am out there full time. I am so excited to start this adventure …