About Sue

 I have been an outdoor loving, get back to nature kind of person all my  life.  Being in nature,  breathing in the smell of the cedar trees is amazing. My cabin in the Shuswap is where I feel my best. This has been a work in progress for almost 20 years. Up to now this was a summer getaway.  Being off the grid is challenging but oh so rewarding.   I am in a time in my life where I feel I need to spend time discovering more about me,  I know the lake is where I can do this.  Everyday is an adventure and that’s how I like it.



Can’t wait to Start

Hello, my name is Sue and I ¬†am planning to spend 18 months in my very remote cabin in the Shuswap. This is starting in July and I want to start a blog to track my adventures. I thought getting some skills on how to do this would be helpful before I actually am out there full time. I am so excited to start this adventure …