Stainglass lamp and stand

I finished my Stainglass lamp and refinished the stand at the lake. I am very pleased with the final product.  It is a nice addition to the cabin.   



Work smart not hard

I have a lot of wood to chop before winter. The wood needs time to dry out , I really should be using last years wood for this winter but unfortunately I do not have any. Last year I had a series of trees come crashing down. Approximately 40 trees came down and I was hip deep trying to clear them from my road, and one of my buildings. Luckily there was not too much damage, but the clean up was enormous. So last year was taken up with bucking up the fallen trees. I do not have a splitter so everything is done with chainsaw and axe. I did call on a local named Pete to help me as I was overwhelmed. He was a huge help. He taught me so much about my chainsaw and how to split wood without exerting myself too much.

His technique using wedges and a mallet has made it possible for me to split any size log. I thought I would share a few pictures illustrating how it works. It is perfect for those of us who do not have the strength to use an axe on the bigger logs. 

I use two 5 pound wedges and a 5 pound mallet.  I bought mine from Canadian tire.  Pete uses old axe heads for wedges.   I use my axe to score the log first so the wedge can go in easily . Once the first wedge is in part way , I go across to the other side.  Place the other wedge on grain of the wood opposite the first wedge. Hammering them into the log until it splits.  I cannot tell you how valuable this has been.


Enjoy whatever the day has to offer

Today I took a walk with my camera and my dog Roger. We went to the main road . At the junction of my road and the main I found a sloppy, muddy mess. They have been logging up the road for a few weeks now. The mud is 2 feet deep and the recent rain has made it worse. A logging truck drove past while I was walking. A few minutes down the road the logging truck stopped, I think he was securing the load. I was able to speak with the driver. He had no idea if the road would be repaired. ” I just drive the truck” was his response. I understand that logging is a business but I believe in taking responsibility . If the government is taking trees out of the area they have a responsibility to repair the roads they damage. People in this remote area count on this road to get in and out . At present there is no way I can get through that mud. My quad would even get stuck! 
I am here for 10 more days so it is not urgent at this point for me. Anyone coming in will have trouble and they likely won’t know until they get to the junction. I know obsessing won’t fix the road. I will trust that when I need to leave the road will be passable. Today I learned a lesson from my boarder collie Roger . He was happy running through the mud and water. He had the right idea, enjoy all the day brings. On the way back I took some pictures of all the signs of spring. The lilies coming up, the creek rising, even the mud and bits of snow by the side of the road, all welcome signs that spring is here.  Taking my dogs lead..I enjoyed what I was seeing and photographed it. I will post some pics soon.  Life is what we make it…enjoy whatever the day has to offer.

The mud Junction of logging road leading to my driveway

  Side of the road ,  blue bells are blooming.

  Fungi on the logs

 Road to my driveway

Wood is good


My friend sent me this picture. I believe it was from Pinterest . I was inspired when I saw this creative and beautiful log.  This has given me a great idea for my property. The landscape is rocky and has very little soil. The one thing it does have is an abundance of trees. I am thinking I will use the fallen trees to make my vegetable garden. In 2 weeks I will be back at the lake and then I can start moving logs into place and getting the soil mixes ready for my veggies. Wood is good for more than just firewood. 

Hobbies , how many is too many?

One of five glass pieces for lamp projectI am the kind of person that enjoys many hobbies. This can be a little overwhelming at times.  There are so many projects just waiting for me to get to or to finish. Often times when I start a project I am still in the middle of a couple others. You would think by now after decades of doing this that I would learn my lesson and get one  project done before I start another. No no that is not how I work.  I have different hobbies that fulfil different needs.

I have been working on a stain glass project for over a year. It is a lamp.  There are five panes of glass that I am putting together in an oak custom made lamp shade.  My brother made this piece of furniture that is a book shelf as well. I do all my own designs for the glass so each piece is original.  I tend to make pieces that are quite complicated hence these pieces take a lot of time. I enjoy working with glass. The colours the textures are so beautiful when you put them in the sunlight. I am close to completion on this project and it will sit proud in my cabin this summer.

Stain glass offers me the ability to be creative, challenges me in design, and always wows me once the piece is finally complete. That’s why I like doing it.

I have two crochet projects about 90 percent complete. Crocheting is something I only do in the winter. I think it is because working with wool feels cozy when it is dark and cold outside.

In the summer months outside projects are my passion.  I love working with stone , sand and rock.  The lake property is loaded with natural rock and sand, so I have a lot of materials right at my fingertips. I also enjoy using my chainsaw and bucking up wood for the wood stove and firepit. Then using the axe to split the wood. Chopping wood is therapeutic to me.  There is great satisfaction at the end of the day to see the neatly stacked pile of wood.  Call me crazy…and I know there are many that will, but I get a natural high out of it.

Yesterday I commented on :

Why have hobbies?  I was inspired.

“Like your piece…I have several hobbies. The trick for me is to get a project complete. I tend to start two or three different projects at the same time. They eventually get done but it takes awhile.

So I ask you, how many hobbies are too many?   I don’t think you can have too many. If your hobbies inspire, challenge, give you a joy of any kind, my vote is go for it. Even if it takes years to finish. We all need something to fulfil our inner creative self .


Life is good
Life is good

In a few short weeks I will be sitting on this bench.  This is where I like to spend time. Starting my day with a coffee and listening to the loons calling to one another on the lake. Each day holds a new challenge. what will it be today? Bucking up more wood, repairing the driveway, or clearing a spot for the new wood shed. The list is endless. Deciding on what is most important is tough sometimes. Some days not much is accomplished, which is ok too. Tomorrow is a new day, and the work will still be there. When the days work is done, a glass of wine and watching the sun set is a highlight. Working hard, living simple, really is a dream come true.


My journey has always been an adventure. I would not be who I am today if anything were different. My childhood was difficult. Let’s just say I really didn’t have time to be a child I was too busy surviving. Someone asked me once if I had to describe myself in ONE word ” what would that word be?” In that moment…my word was ADAPTABLE.  Doing and being for others was what I thought I was suppose to do. This was my purpose. It took me years to realize that I could do for others and still include myself in the list. 

The next phase of my journey is all about me. Being in nature, living simple, appreciating each day for whatever it brings.  My 18 month stay at my cabin is me stepping up and putting myself first.

My new word is ” Evolving”