Back half of the property
Back half of the property


Welcome to my Shuswap Sue blog.  My 18 month adventure will be another chapter in my life that I know will  bring me closer to myself and nature.  Living off the grid is challenging and in 19 years of owning this little piece of paradise, I have never experienced a winter here. up to now, this has been a summer getaway.  The property was raw land when it was purchased.  Everything that it has now came to be through sweat and determination. In the beginning property access was by water only.  Now we have a gravel driveway.  My water comes from a lake in the mountain behind the property. it is a communal set up. It is run and maintained by us the residence. More on how this works later in my blog. Starting in April 2015 I will be back at the lake.  The fulltime stay will start in July.  I have much to do in order for the cabin to be ready for winter. The cabin is not finished on the inside, plumbing  and the kitchen are the major things that need to be finished.  Getting my life in town in order is also a challenge.  Do I sell my condo, do I rent it out? These are decisions that need to be answered in the next few weeks.  I know that everything will fall into place as it should. I have been simplifying my  life for over a year now.   I have let go of a lot of material things.  Whatever happens I know that I will succeed in moving my life to the cabin at the lake.  This is my destiny. My journey is about me simplifying and getting closer to nature and myself.


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