Work smart not hard

I have a lot of wood to chop before winter. The wood needs time to dry out , I really should be using last years wood for this winter but unfortunately I do not have any. Last year I had a series of trees come crashing down. Approximately 40 trees came down and I was hip deep trying to clear them from my road, and one of my buildings. Luckily there was not too much damage, but the clean up was enormous. So last year was taken up with bucking up the fallen trees. I do not have a splitter so everything is done with chainsaw and axe. I did call on a local named Pete to help me as I was overwhelmed. He was a huge help. He taught me so much about my chainsaw and how to split wood without exerting myself too much.

His technique using wedges and a mallet has made it possible for me to split any size log. I thought I would share a few pictures illustrating how it works. It is perfect for those of us who do not have the strength to use an axe on the bigger logs. 

I use two 5 pound wedges and a 5 pound mallet.  I bought mine from Canadian tire.  Pete uses old axe heads for wedges.   I use my axe to score the log first so the wedge can go in easily . Once the first wedge is in part way , I go across to the other side.  Place the other wedge on grain of the wood opposite the first wedge. Hammering them into the log until it splits.  I cannot tell you how valuable this has been.



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