Enjoy whatever the day has to offer

Today I took a walk with my camera and my dog Roger. We went to the main road . At the junction of my road and the main I found a sloppy, muddy mess. They have been logging up the road for a few weeks now. The mud is 2 feet deep and the recent rain has made it worse. A logging truck drove past while I was walking. A few minutes down the road the logging truck stopped, I think he was securing the load. I was able to speak with the driver. He had no idea if the road would be repaired. ” I just drive the truck” was his response. I understand that logging is a business but I believe in taking responsibility . If the government is taking trees out of the area they have a responsibility to repair the roads they damage. People in this remote area count on this road to get in and out . At present there is no way I can get through that mud. My quad would even get stuck! 
I am here for 10 more days so it is not urgent at this point for me. Anyone coming in will have trouble and they likely won’t know until they get to the junction. I know obsessing won’t fix the road. I will trust that when I need to leave the road will be passable. Today I learned a lesson from my boarder collie Roger . He was happy running through the mud and water. He had the right idea, enjoy all the day brings. On the way back I took some pictures of all the signs of spring. The lilies coming up, the creek rising, even the mud and bits of snow by the side of the road, all welcome signs that spring is here.  Taking my dogs lead..I enjoyed what I was seeing and photographed it. I will post some pics soon.  Life is what we make it…enjoy whatever the day has to offer.

The mud Junction of logging road leading to my driveway

  Side of the road ,  blue bells are blooming.

  Fungi on the logs

 Road to my driveway


2 thoughts on “Enjoy whatever the day has to offer

  1. Jill Strapp says:

    I absolutely love the idea of vegetable gardens in logs!!!!! Fantastic!!!
    I find I don’t have words to express the fullness I feel about someone living truly for themselves and in so doing, filling the world with all those great feelings you give off. Be they challenging or not, you are alive and LIVING!!! Congratulations!


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