My journey has always been an adventure. I would not be who I am today if anything were different. My childhood was difficult. Let’s just say I really didn’t have time to be a child I was too busy surviving. Someone asked me once if I had to describe myself in ONE word ” what would that word be?” In that moment…my word was ADAPTABLE.  Doing and being for others was what I thought I was suppose to do. This was my purpose. It took me years to realize that I could do for others and still include myself in the list. 

The next phase of my journey is all about me. Being in nature, living simple, appreciating each day for whatever it brings.  My 18 month stay at my cabin is me stepping up and putting myself first.

My new word is ” Evolving”


3 thoughts on “Evolving

  1. Wow, Sue. I’m so intrigued by your story. 18 months in a cabin? Oh, this sounds like pure bliss to me (says the woman who already lives on top of a mountain and as far away from other humans as possible). I think it just resonates to the bone.
    Truly looking forward to hearing the tale unfold.


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